Doubles take precedence over singles or threesomes. Singles, when asked, must give up the court after finishing the game in progress. Doubles players should ensure fairness by selecting for play the singles court that has been occupied the longest. A doubles group may choose to play on either surface whether or not courts of the other kind are available.

When doubles groups are waiting to play, and all courts are in use by doubles players, all doubles players on court are limited to one set (maximum 13 games) and warm up time of three minutes.

When approached by a waiting singles pair, singles players on court may finish their set (maximum 13 games) before either surrendering the court or, if agreed, joining up as doubles.

Floodlights must be paid for after play at £8 per hour except for club night tennis, team tennis or on Friday nights (for unreserved courts) when lights are free.

Court etiquette

Courtesy and good manners are expected of all members and their guests at all times. Crucially, this should be remembered when a doubles is taking over a court from a singles.

  • Mobile phones – the use of mobile phones is NOT allowed on or near the courts, including the clubhouse terrace.
  • Gates – players should enter their court by the nearest gate. Do not walk across backs of courts in use.
  • Tennis balls – wait for a rally to end before asking for, retrieving or returning a ball. Return balls at the earliest opportunity.
  • Matches – when a match is in progress, wait for the end of a point before walking on the pathway behind or alongside a court.
  • End of set – at the end of a set, it is the responsibility of the players on court to alert others waiting – either by players returning to the clubhouse or by the call of “court”, whichever is the more appropriate.
  • Tennis dress – always observe the rules on tennis dress.


Children are very welcome at the club but must be supervised and remain the responsibility of the appropriate member at all times. Disruptive behaviour and excessive noise – particularly close to the courts or to members enjoying the lawn area – is not acceptable and the responsible member/parent should take quick action to deal with such instances.


Members may bring dogs to the club, subject to the approval of the committee, but must keep them on a lead, or under proper control. Members are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. If a dog is not under proper control the member responsible may be asked to remove the dog from the club.